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The WaterMaster Family
Automatic Waterers

A popular choice in feedlots, pastures, and dairies all across North America, the WaterMaster Series features a heavy one-piece polyethylene body that holds up even under the weight of cattle hooves. The trough slopes to a large drain, and can be emptied, cleaned, and refilled in a fraction of the time other waterers take to empty. WaterMaster requires 75% less energy in the winter than concrete units. And, the WaterMaster won't pit or cause cleaning problems. Is it any wonder we back up the WaterMaster with a Five Plus Five warranty?

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  • All surfaces slope to drain for easy cleaning
  • Patented water seal keeps cold air away from valve
  • Finger lift service cover: No tools, springs, or clips
  • Fastest valve in the industry, allows lower storage volume for fresher water
  • Constant flow standard on 54, Deep 54, 90, & 96 models, available on 600 & 1200
  • Immersion heater and supply line heater available as options
  • Built for rugged feedlot, pasture, and dairy conditions

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