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ritchie float

Accessories - Additional Parts
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PeteCoSupply.com carries the largest variety of Ritchie watering system parts and accessories available online.

1/2" Valve series
ritchie valve Ritchie 1/2" valves come in three pressure ratings:
  • White - 4.8 GPM, Low (5-40 psi) - Ritchie part number 12574
  • Red - 3.4 GPM, Moderate (40-60 psi) - Ritchie Part number 12575
  • Green - 1.45 GPM, High (60-80 psi) - Ritchie Part number 13597


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Ritchie 1/2" Float
ritchie waterer float

For use in our smaller units, Ritchie floats will come either with a long or short arm. Both will accommodate any 1/2" valve.


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Ritchie 3/4" Valve Series
ritchie replacement valve Ritchie 3/4" valves come in four pressure ratings:
  • White - 33 GPM, Low (5-40 psi)
  • Red - 20 GPM, Moderate (40-60 psi)
  • Green - 16.5 GPM, High (60-80 psi)
  • Blue - no longer manufactured

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Ritchie 3/4 Float

For use in all large Ritchie automatic waterers.

Ritchie Part number 18314


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Ritchie Immersion Heater
ritchie heater For use in all poly units. Protects the valve chamber and troughs from freezing. The immersion heater has a built in thermostat and is Teflon coated. Plug in installation for ease in removal and replacement.
  • 120V - 250 watt
  • 240V - 250 watt


Self Regulating Heat Cable
waterline heater For use with all poly units. Protects the valve and supply line from freezing. Built in thermostat reduces heat as the temperature rises, but never shuts off completely.
  • 120V - 30 watt
  • 240V - 30 watt

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Part number #16276 - Ritchie

Ritchie Cable Heater
waterline heater Protect your water line with our cable heater. Wired through your waterers thermostat, the cable heater will provide 8 feet of protection to prevent freezing along your valve and water supply line.

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Part number #13830 - Ritchie

Ritchie Drain Plugs
Occasionally, Ritchie Drain plugs need to be replaced or updated. Find your replacement drain plug by visiting our Online Store
Ritchie Waterer Thermostats

Need a replacement Disc Thermostat or Fenwal Thermostat? Order yours today by visiting our

Online Store

Ritchie Thermal Tubes
Permanently protect your vertical water supply line from freezing. Ritchie Thermal Tubes provides TWO INCHES of insulation all around.
  • 1 foot
  • 2 foot
  • 2 foot extension
  • 4 foot

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Trojan 66B LP Gas Stock Tank Heater
gas stock tank heater The Trojan 66B Stock Tank Heater offers a thermostatically controlled heating solution that uses LP Gas or Natural Gas instead of electricity in your stock tank.
  • Part Number 15000
    BrandTrojan Waterers
    Overall Height: 35"
    Shipping Weight: 49 LBS
    Diameter: 8.5" Diameter

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Trojan Hot-Scot Heater #12520 - Ideal for well houses & waterers
This 450 watt, 120 volt space heater features a temperature range from 30 degrees to 150 degrees F. Ideal inside access panels on livestock waterers and for well houses.
  • Part Number 1250
    BrandTrojan Waterers
    Heat : 450 watt, 120 volt space heater

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Trojan® Pipe-N-Hot Heater #12523 - Ideal for Water lines

Keep your waterline from freezing with the Trojan Pipe-N-Hot Heater. 

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Other options, Stock Tank, Gravity Flow, Pressure flow

Visit our online store for details on the Trojan Line of Nipples, cup waterers, gravity flow waterers, and more

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