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WaterMatic Family
Automatic Waterers

We've taken all we've learned over the years and put the top value, best performance, easiest operation and maintenance in the WaterMatic Family.

The 100 is our smallest poly fountain with a single trough. The 150, 150S and 300 have two troughs, either one or both can easily be closed off simply by changing the position of a drain plug. The 1000 has a 13 foot perimeter, and an all around drink area.

The WaterMatic Family features Ritchie's drop-in cover design, with the ease of finger lift service, and the insulation of the patented water seal. The 150S features a unique domed cover to help prevent standing and climbing. All surfaces slope to the drains for easy clean out. Drain plugs can be moved to the valve chamber openings for short-term trough shut-off during cleaning, when your pen is empty, during excessively cold nights, or when you don't want your animals drinking.

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  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Ritchie's tried and true valve for quick refill
  • One piece rugged fountain body
  • Generous access panel
  • Polyurethane insulation sealed inside polyethylene parts
  • Anchor holes accommodate drills
  • No gaskets to crack, tear, or leak


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