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Cyclops Fencers

Ritchie Drain Pipe #11471

drain pipe for ritchie automatic waterer

Ritchie 3" Drain plug #18470

ritchie watermaster and watermatic drain plug

Ritchie Stall Fount Drain plug #18221

stall waterer drain plug

Ritchie EcoFount Drain plug and overflow #14647
Stall Fountains
Ritchie Omni Drain Plug PKG (2 per package) #18628
Ritchie Stall Fount II Drain Plug #18643 (Classic Equine by Ritchie Stall Fount Drain plug)
Classic Equine by Ritchie drain plug

Ritchie #3 Package Drain plug Solid Rubber #18633

small drain plug for Ritchie older thrifty king units

Ritchie Ribbed Silicone CattleMaster Drain Plug #18338

Thrifty King for Swine

Ritchie Drain Plug #11 recessed silicone #18219

drain plug for ritchie waterer