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Automatic Waterer

We have taken all of the best features of our classic waterers, combined them with customer, distributor and dealer input, and designed a premium line of automatic waterers, the EcoFount series. The EcoFount 1 and EcoFount 2 are the newest, most energy efficient, electric standard heated line of Ritchie automatic waterers. They will provide the same reliability during the most extreme winters as our OmniFount series. The flip top cover design will allow for easy cleaning and maintenance and the fully insulated casing will provide excellent protection against the coldest winters.

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  • Designed with energy efficiency in mind. The stainless steel trough is surrounded by extremely durable and fully insulated poly.
  • Patented plastic drink well helps insulate water and keep thermal cap in place.
  • Floating thermal caps and patented plastic drink wells minimize heat loss in winter, keeps water cool and reduces algae growth in summer.  Easy to keep clean - water cleans trough surface as it swirls out
  • Electric heat with adjustable disc thermostat (watch video)
  • Cable heater provides extra valve and supply line protection.
  • Trough is 304 stainless steel for long life

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insulated heated waterer automatic for horses