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OmniFount Family
Automatic Waterers

The best of both worlds, Omni Fount blends technology from both our traditional stainless steel units and our newest poly units to provide the premier livestock fountain. Omni's stainless steel trough features heat elements attached to the underside for frost free service even under the most severe winter conditions. The trough carries a 10 year 100% warranty against manufacturing defect or corrosion.

The body of the Omni Fount is made from our heavy-duty polyethylene construction, fully insulated with polyurethane foam, providing an R-factor of 7 per inch. This makes it highly energy efficient. In fact, it is so energy efficient, some power companies offer rebates on the purchase of this fountain. Like all our poly products, the Omni Fount body carries a five + five warranty, five years 100%, five years prorated against manufacturing defect.

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  • Large drink opening and low drinking height for easy use by hogs of all sizes
  • Solid foam insulation completely sealed in impact-resistant polyethylene
  • Stainless steel bite and wear guards
  • Large access to inside valve compartment
  • Easy access for easy service
  • Electric immersion heater optional

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Omni 1 - 20 head Beef/horses

Omni 2 - 40 head Beef/horses

Omni-2 Special - 100 head sheep and goats

Omni 3 - 100 beef/50 dairy

Omni 5 - 150 Beef/75 dairy

Omni 10 - 275 beef/135 dairy